3Shape CAD/CAM Dentistry


3Shape is a Danish technology company that specializes in developing and manufacturing 3D scanners and software solutions for the dental industry. The company was founded in 2000 and has since become a global leader in the field of digital dentistry.

3Shape's intraoral scanner and TRIOS system enable the quick and accurate capture of digital impressions of patients' teeth. These digital impressions are sent directly to dental labs, eliminating the need for traditional physical impressions and improving efficiency and accuracy.

Additionally, 3Shape's CAD/CAM software plays a crucial role in our practice. This software allows for the design of dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, and implants, in a digital environment. The software provides advanced tools and features to create precise and customized restorations based on the digital impressions captured with the intraoral scanner.

Furthermore, 3Shape's software facilitates seamless communication and collaboration with dental laboratories, streamlining the production process and ensuring accurate and high-quality final restorations.

By using 3Shape's products, we are taking advantage of cutting-edge technology. Overall, 3Shape has played a significant role in advancing digital dentistry and has helped revolutionize the way dental professionals diagnose, plan, and execute treatments. Their products have gained widespread adoption in the dental industry and are known for their precision, ease of use, and comprehensive software integration.

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